Privacy Policy

User sensitive personal information (SPI)

  • 1. Physical Location – Street address, city, state, zipcode
  • 2. Virtual Identity – email address(s), telephone
  • 3. Billing Information – credit card #, expiration date, CVV2 code
  • 4. Personal comments –

RW uses top rated, industry standard 3rd party services to collect and process SPI to provide security and piece of mind. RW can not warrant any 3rd party source but will act immediately to react to any potential breach.  Under no circumstances will SPI be shared directly w/ any RW service user, client, or, supplier, for any reason, other than the support of normal operations of  RW products and services, including those developed to support non-RW products that carry  the RWintegrated TM, or RWdesign TM ).

User sensitive fishing information (SFI)

  • 1. GeoSpatial and Temporal fixing – the unencrypted combination of latitude, longitude, date, and time for any data record*
  • 2. Water Body Name – the unencrypted combination of water body for any data record*
  • 3. Fishing Usage (technique or method) – including the unencrypted combination of lure** name(s), size(s), color(s) in combination with any other data record*
  • 4. Observations – any data record* associated with an observation
  • 5. Trip Plans and Reports – any information contained w/in a trip plan or report
  • 6. Fish Events – any data record* associated with a fish event

RW will not disclose to any party w/out prior agreement by the individual user, unless said individual has waived that right per a higher level document of agreement such as the end user agreement, contract, license, etc.  RW may disclose summarized SFI parameters; however, it will be summarized in a manner, or SFI parameters encoded, such that the exact format can not be identified outside of RW and those clients, agents, and 3rd parties so authorized to see said decoded and unencryted data.

All disclosure of encoded and encrypted SFI outside of RW shall be done w/ explicit authorization from RW users, or users of RW services with the following exceptions:

  • 1. Disclosure to a not for profit 3rd party organization or special interest group for the purpose of research supporting conservation, environmental interests, fisheries science and management, public access rights, and associated activities
  • 2. Academic, Scientific, or Trade journal publications
  • 3. Marketing and advertising of RW features and services
  • 4. Marketing research by product/brand, sharing to, said product/brand owning, for profit, corporation, LLC, or individual.

* Data Record – refers to a row of data (field values) in any rippled waters database element (data table)

** Lure – any bait or artifical device that mimics a food source of a sport fish species.  This includes live bait, dead bait, artificial lures, flies, nets, snare, hook, etc…