Frequently Asked Questions:

How are guide services and the apps related?

Rippled Waters personal consumer products and commercial services are technically independent products, although those who are providing or receiving commercial services would have additional benefits if both are using the personal app.

What is the difference between web and mobile applications?

Your mobile device can do some things your PC or tablet can't, and vise versa.  Our Apps take advantage of those differences and when available we strongly recommend learning and using both versions, and here's why: Mobile applications are optimized for when you are in the field and need specific information, are entering  data, sharing real-time information, or socializing/collaborating with friends. Web applications provide a more manual, but full capability to use the product in the field; however, on the web we optimized around a desktop PC environment where lots of information can be displayed in comprehensive summaries, tables, and charts.  A great way to sip your morning coffee or evening cocktail and study your data and plan your next adventure. Both products give you the same private social media environment, and overall data privacy and sharing controls.

Cookies required

Rippled Waters services require the use of cookies to store certain information regarding your activities on the site. By using Rippled Waters services and products you consent to allow the use of cookies in accordance with our data privacy policy at

How do I upgrade to the Fishing Journal membership

Log into the web application at click account settings in the upper right hand corner, then click billing under your avatar on your profile page.  Or, to billing and click Upgrade Plan.

What happens at the end of the 30-day trial?

Your account status will move to "Free" user and you will only have access to the free Trip Planner application. See the terms and conditions for other details related to membership expiration, termination and cancellation.